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Nature offers a large selection of plants that can heal or help many health problems. However, discovering the benefits of each plant extract continues to be a challenge while regulations often add more obstacles.

Many plant extracts are viewed as natural remedies. The truth is that the role of plant extracts is an ever expanding necessity.   Extracts availability now contribute to the ever expanding health care and nutrition industry.  In fact, plant extracts are now key active ingredients (AI) for use in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, supplements, food and beverages as well as pet care and livestock feed.  More and more people are turning to plants as their salvation every day.

The executives, scientists and researchers at Phtyo Labs understand that the purity of plant extracts plays an important role in how they affect the human body. This means starting at the farm level and making sure contamination with other plants or herbs does not occur. As the plant material moves through the processing and distribution chain, they must remain pure.  As a result, the Phyto Labs team thoroughly tests their extracts to make sure they are meeting the guidelines established for a particular product while mindfully avoiding pesticides or chemicals that can affect the purity and nature of the plant.


Today, increasing legal requirements and growing consumer expectations demand the highest measure of validity and reliability when it comes to residue analysis for herbal medicinal products, foods and cosmetics. Phyto Labs provides a comprehensive package of services for all matters relating to the analysis and assessment of contaminants and residues, such as heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins (mold) or food irradiation.